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The Slovrur Sp. z o.o. Company was founded in 1997 as an exclusive representative of the Železiarne Podbrezová joint stock company on the Polish market. Today, Slovrur Sp. z o.o. features among the top trading companies dealing with steel tubes and buttwelding fittings.

Their strategy is based upon the expertise of the sales personal, quality of their parent company’s products and the wide network of consignment warehouses in the following Polish cities: Szczecin, Kraków, Wroclaw, Reda, Stalowa Wola and Gostynin. The strategic locations of places make it possible to secure delivery of goods to their customers without unnecessary complications.

The company offers customers quality service in the areas of power, construction, metal production, and the engineering industry. They place special emphasis on deliveries to the automotive industry.

Slovrur Sp. z o.o., Stalowa Wola
ul. Brandwicka 138
37-464 Stalowa Wola
Tel: +48 15 8448045
Fax: +48 15 8420234
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