The company is a traditional producer of refractory materials. It is historically predestined to this area of production by the occurrence of refractory clays in the locality of Ipelská kotlina and the geographical proximity of steel producers and manufacturers. Its products are delivered mainly for the linings of heat aggregates in the steel industry, foundries, cement and lime industry and for the stoves producers.

The company’s technological equipment:

This consists of technological lines for the dressing and preparation of refractory materials using dry and wet methods, hydraulic and mechanical presses. Firing of products occurs in the gas car-chamber and circular kiln. New in the plants is the automated line including the tunnel dry kiln for the production of MgOC building materials and the line for the production of ladle filler sand.

Production program:
  • fireclay (regular, semi-hard, hard, stove /fireplace/, pouring, heat insulating brick)
  • refractory castables (regular, medium cement, gunning, low-cement, self-flowing low-cement, light low-cement, insulating)
  • refractory mortars and mastics
  • magnesite masses
  • synthetic slags
  • magnesia Carbon bricks
  • ladle filler sand

Továrenská 1, 985 01 Kalinovo
Slovak Republic
Tel.: +421 47 4302013,
Fax: +421 47 4302008
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